Tuition Fees and Scholarships Giving opportunity to passion

To satisfy the desire to learn of as many people as possible, Toyo University provides learning opportunities to many by making every effort to hold down its fees. This approach also extends to foreign students who study in Japan at their own expense. Toyo University is enhancing its scholarships and tuition-reduction schemes, and has generous support systems in place for their benefit.

Tuition fees

To help foreign students concentrate on their studies, Toyo University reduces the financial burden on them by setting its tuition fees as low as possible

Scholarships for International Students

Toyo University has a scholarship scheme in place to provide economic support to foreign students. Interested students are invited to apply.

Masajuro Shiokawa Scholarship

Scholarship 100,000 yen/month
No repayment required. Recipients may NOT have other scholarships

Toyo University Category 1 Scholarship (Merit-based scholarship)

Scholarship 300,000 yen
No repayment required. Recipients may have other scholarships

  • Toyo Top Global Scholarship A and B have been discontinued for admission in September 2021.
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