Support Schemes for Foreign StudentsFor worry-free concentration on academic pursuits

The philosopher Enryo Inoue, the university's founder, established the "Philosophy Academy" with the aim of providing open education "to those without surplus money or leisure" (i.e., to people who lack the financial resources or time needed for an education).

Inheriting this spirit, Toyo University has numerous support systems in place to accommodate the passion for learning that students from around the world bring. These systems cover a broad range of areas, starting with reduced tuition fees and extending to academic subjects for foreign students, student exchanges, medical care, and housing.

Full economic support

Reduction of tuition fees (for foreign students studying at their own expense)
The university reduces its tuition fees by a certain amount (equivalent to 30%) for foreign students who pay their own expenses. This is to alleviate the economic burden on them and nurture their desire to study.

Deeper linguistic and cultural understanding

Subjects especially for foreign students
The university offers opportunities for foreign students to deepen their understanding of Japan by providing courses on "Japanese language and society" and other topics.

Intensive English study with LEAP

LEAP(Learning English for Academic Purposes) is a program conducted by Toyo University and the University of Montana of the United States for students in all faculties. It is designed to raise Toyo University students' IELTS™ scores and give them the skills needed to study abroad.
TESOL-qualified instructors give lessons that help students acquire the level of English they will need to study at universities in English-speaking countries.

Student-to-student network

Foreign Students Association
Comprised of foreign students, this association is a place where foreign students can discuss their problems and help each other. It also serves as a place for exchanging information and organizes numerous events.

A complete medical care system

Health consultation office / Health center and student consultation room
With a doctor and nurses on staff, the medical office can handle a variety of medical needs, including emergencies. Helping you manage your health to lead fulfilling campus life. The student consultation room has a staff of professional counselors that can assist persons with worries or problems.

Coverage of costs for family travel to Japan

Foreign student insurance
If a foreign student suffers an illness or accident, the Toyo University Foreign Student Compensation System covers the cost required to bring that student's family members to Japan.

Active support for employment in Japan

Employment Support System
The university organizes seminars on job-hunting activities that target foreign students to help them find employment in Japan. It also provides individual consultations upon request. Additionally, it holds Japanese language aptitude tests and offers courses on Japanese used in business settings, and provides opportunities to advance to graduate school as a step toward a better career.
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