Privacy Policy 個人情報の取り扱いについて

1. Personal Information Protection Basic Policy

Toyo University Incorporated Educational Institution (hereinafter, the “Institution”), upon the acquisition, management, use, provision, and disclosure of personal information, makes efforts to protect personal information based on the Basic Policies set forth below, the Regulations for the Protection of Personal Information of Toyo University Incorporated Educational Institution as well as the laws and ordinances related to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No. 57 of 2003), in light of the importance of personal information protection and under the principle of respect for the personality of the individual.

  1. Acquisition of personal information
    The Institution, upon designating the purpose of use of personal information as specifically as is possible, acquires personal information through suitable and just means in the process of carrying out its duties related to education, research, and other activities.
  2. Handling of personal information
    The Institution carefully and reasonably handles the acquired personal information. Also, the Institution assigns a head administrator of personal information protection in the Regulations for the Protection of Personal Information of Toyo University Incorporated Educational Institution, and in addition to having responsibility for personal information protection, continuously works on improvements.

  3. Safety management measures of personal information
    The Institution takes the necessary safety management measures to protect personal information. In addition to technological safety management measures related to information systems and other systems, the Institution also strives to protect personal information by taking physical safety management measures, and has in place a systematic human security management system.
  4. Provision of personal information
    In a case where it is necessary to provide personal information to a third party, the Institution shall, in principle, notify the person in question and receive their approval. However, where suitable provision is sought based on laws and ordinances, personal information may be provided without the agreement of the person in question. When providing personal information (including joint usage), the Institution takes thorough measures to prevent any leak, loss or falsification.
  5. Dealing with disclosure
    The Institution immediately deals with demands regarding the disclosure, revision, addition, or deletion of personal information. Also, we have established an Appeals Review Committee which quickly and appropriately deals with appeals against decisions on disclosure and other decisions.
  6. Handling of anonymously processed information
    The Institution appropriately carries out the generation, safety management, and provision to third parties, etc., of anonymously processed information (information concerning an individual which is produced from processing personal information so that it cannot be used to identify a specific individual, nor can the personal information in question be restored).
  7. Education and training
    The Institution recognizes the importance of personal information protection and strives to raise the awareness of the faculty members. Also, for faculty members who handle personal information, the Institution provides the necessary training and education in addition to carrying out the necessary and appropriate supervision and guidance in order to promote the suitable use and protection of personal information.

August 26, 2019

Name of business that handles personal information

Toyo University Incorporated Educational Institution
5-28-20 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

For inquiries about the handling of personal information, please contact:

Toyo University 03-3945-7224
Toyo University Himeji Junior and Senior High School
Toyo University Ushiku Junior and Senior High School
Toyo University Keihoku Junior and Senior High School
Keihoku Kindergarten
Toyo University Facilities Co., Ltd.*
Toyo University Global Service Co., Ltd.*

*Toyo University Facilities Co., Ltd. and Toyo University Global Service Co., Ltd. are wholly owned businesses of Toyo University Incorporated Educational Institution.


2. Personal Information Protection Regulations

Regulations for the Protection of Personal Information of Toyo University Incorporated Educational Institution

3. Personal Information Protection Committee Regulations

Regulations for the Personal Information Protection Committee of Toyo University Incorporated Educational Institution

4. About the Handling of Personal Information

About the handling of personal information at Toyo University

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1. 個人情報保護基本方針


  1. 個人情報の取得
  2. 個人情報の取り扱い
  3. 個人情報の安全管理措置
  4. 個人情報の提供
  5. 開示等に対する対応
  6. 匿名加工情報の取扱い
  7. 教育・研修



学校法人 東洋大学


 東洋大学 03-3945-7224
 東洋大学附属姫路中学校・高等学校 079-266-2626
 東洋大学附属牛久中学校・高等学校 029-872-0350
 東洋大学京北中学高等学校 03-3816-6211
 京北幼稚園 03-3941-7090
 ※株式会社東洋大学ファシリティーズ 03-5844-2810
 ※東洋大学グローバルサービス株式会社 03-3945-4261



2. 個人情報保護規程


3. 個人情報保護委員会規程


4. 個人情報の取り扱いについて


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