1. Three pillars supporting tradition and global human assets

Toyo University carries on a tradition that began with the Philosophy Academy, an institution founded by the philosopher Enryo Inoue in 1887. In commemoration of Toyo University’s 130th anniversary in 2017, it began developing “global human assets” capable of responding to changes in the times and environment and of blazing their own paths forward. This undertaking is based on three pillars; namely, “globalization” and “career preparation” built upon “philosophy education.”

  • Globalization
  • CareerPreparation
  • PhilosophyEducation

2. An extensive curriculum of diverse faculties and departments

With fourteen faculties (Letters, Economics, Business Administration, Law, Sociology, Global and Regional Studies, International Tourism Management, Information Networking for Innovation and Design, Design for Welfare Society, Life Sciences, Food and Nutritional Sciences, Science and Engineering, and Information Sciences and Arts, Health and Sports Sciences), Toyo University is a comprehensive university that gives students the opportunity to study in a broad range of fields, from the humanities to science. It also facilitates flexible learning to match students’ individual interests by allowing students to take lessons in other faculties and departments, offering “university-wide courses” that students at all campuses can take, and establishing a special English-language course called “LEAP.”

3. Bringing together motivated students from all parts of Japan—from Hokkaido to Okinawa—and other countries

Toyo University has a large student body made up of people from all of Japan’s 47 prefectures as well as other countries. Its enrollment is among the largest in Japan. One of the real pleasures of studying at Toyo University is the opportunities it offers for mutual experience and learning of different cultures and values.

4. Integrated four-year education at the campuses, each possessing a rich environment

Toyo University operates campuses situated in Hakusan and Akabanedai (Tokyo), Asaka and Kawagoe (Saitama). All of them have first-rate facilities and excellent locations that are within walking distance from the nearest train station. Students study at the same campus during their four-year enrollment, something that is highly advantageous in terms of part-time work, housing, and other aspects of daily life.

5. Working to diversify programs and Enriching the international exchange network in order to increase global competitiveness

Toyo University is enhancing its language reinforcement programs, international study and overseas training programs, and language seminars to cultivate the basic skills students will need as members of the global community. It has also established exchange programs with its partner universities and the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP). It has also launched Global Mobility Scholarships.

6. An impressive employment track record: 20,000 job offers with a stable employment rate of 98.0%

In an average year, Toyo University students receive some 20,000 job offers from over 5,000 companies. Moreover, they typically achieve a stable employment rate; for example, 98.0% of March 2023 graduates successfully found jobs. The university supports graduates’ employment in various ways that include holding on-campus information sessions that attract over 1,000 companies.

7. More than 800 clubs

While some students aim to be the best in Japan, others want to have a good time. Toyo University is home to numerous clubs that are oriented toward greatly expanding students’ horizons. You’re sure to find one that fits your interests!