Developing Food and Health for Tomorrow

Based at the new Asaka Campus, the Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences’ mission is to comprehensively explore “food and nutritional sciences” covering all food-related fields. Students acquire practical skills applicable in the real world by studying food safety and security, information and administrative mechanisms related to food and nutrition, and the relationship between function and nutrition. The faculty aims to produce human resources capable of applying specialized knowledge to solve various food and nutrition-related problems and thereby help bring about a sustainable society.


Department of Food and Life Sciences
The Department of Food and Life Sciences produces talented individuals who will demonstrate leadership in various food-related arenas and create the “next generation” of food by applying expertise in food and nutritional sciences. It provides the cornerstone for personal growth by cultivating high ethical standards and a broad perspective rooted in philosophy. And it nurtures the capabilities needed to achieve sustainability in society and food-related industries through study built on progressive expertise enhancement.
Department of Data Science for Food Systems
The Department of Data Science for Food Systems endeavors to solve food-related problems through humanities/sciences-based study that fuses with “food systems” and “data science.” Students acquire skills in analyzing and utilizing a wide variety of digital data as well as specialized knowledge of food history, systems, laws, and culture. The department trains “food data scientists” who, through their practical application of food science in society, will support food production, logistics, value-added creation, and stable supply with the “power of data” and thereby create the future of food.
Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences
The Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences achieved a pass rate of 94.3% (83 students passed) in the 36th National Examination for Registered Dietitians held in February 2022. While fostering students’ abilities as registered dietitians, the department also cultivates their abilities to apply practical skills in society and their basic knowledge in the natural sciences and humanities. Through learning to deepen understanding of food and health from various perspectives, the department aims to develop human resources capable of exercising leadership in diverse fields from the standpoint of health and nutrition science.