Study the science of health, to support new undertakings and everyday life.

Philosophy, science, and passion are all essential to creating human value through sports. You will help improve people's quality of life (QOL) through sports, and solve social issues caused by the declining birthrate, aging population, and globalization. Here you will study cutting-edge, expert knowledge and skills related to health, sports, food, and nutrition, and create new potential in these fields.


Department of Health and Sports Sciences
Through sports, you will seek solutions to health problems and various other issues in society, such as the declining birthrate, as well as the aging and declining population. Here, you will study the functional, social and cultural aspects of health and sports sciences, and acquire specialized knowledge and skills with scientific thinking. You too can become a professional who contributes to promoting good health, improving athletes’ performance, and improving QOL.
Department of Nutritional Sciences
By exploring both nutritional science and sports science based on a foundation of nutrition, you can become a professional who contributes to improving athletic performance, promoting good health, and improving QOL in terms of food and nutrition. Using interdisciplinary expertise and technology, you will create new value in the fields of sports and nutrition science. You can also advance to the graduate program, where you will conduct even more advanced research.