Create a present and future where people live together in harmony.

Here you can become a professional who contributes to realizing and developing a society where all people are treated with dignity and can live in good health. You will cultivate the ability to comprehend diverse and complex issues in modern society from many perspectives, and collaborate with deep understanding of various specialized domains, in order to acquire knowledge and practical skills that enable you to shape the society of the future.


Department of Social Welfare Studies
Here you will acquire knowledge and practical skills required in support-related work based on the study of social welfare, with the aim of realizing an inclusive society where all people can live together while being true to themselves. You will study in depth policies and systems for responding to social and economic changes, as well as the welfare business and more, so that you can be a professional capable of using creativity and leadership to contribute to many different fields in Japan and abroad.
Department of Child Studies
Through study based on a foundation of childcare, early childhood education, and child and family welfare, you will gain a deeper understanding of diverse issues related to children, as well as their parents, families, and communities. You will also become an expert capable of supporting the wellbeing of children, contributing to the creation of better local communities, and working in collaboration with other professionals. Furthermore, you will become a professional of support for children, who contributes to realizing multicultural societies both in Japan and abroad.
Department of Human Environment Design
Through craftsmanship, you will study “universal design” in society, cities, homes, and other places where many different people live their lives. By acquiring knowledge and technology of design that gives shape to ideas, and getting a deeper understanding of socio-economic issues, you will broaden your horizon to include the role and potential of design in the real world, and develop a perspective for comprehensively examining human behavior.
  • Names of faculties and departments are tentative. The contents of plans are subject to change.

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