Spread the seeds of hope across the world. See, work, and search for answers.

Our world now faces a range of problems including economic, poverty, resource, environmental, and conflict-related issues. The Faculty of Global and Regional Studies aims to cultivate human resources who can take action on a worldwide scale and contribute to development of a global society. We enable students to obtain a global perspective, knowledge of various problems, and practical abilities to find solutions.


Department of Global Innovation Studies
A new era calls for new leadership. The Department of Global Innovation Studies educates students to become professionals who play active roles and take leadership in a globalized society, applying their knowledge and abilities to innovation.
Department of Regional Development Studies Regional Development Studies Course
We enable students to acquire abilities to grasp various problems occurring in countries, regions and communities around the world from a global perspective. Our goal is to foster human resources that can contribute to regional development in cooperation with local people, taking practical action to solve problems and exercising advanced communication skills.