Under the three courses system of the Systems Information Course, the Psychology and Sports Information Course, and the Media Culture Course, students acquire knowledge and skills centered on information in a variety of fields.

We provide friendly and easy-to-understand classes with close attention to each student. In a wide range of fields that integrate the humanities and sciences, the entire faculty will support you in setting goals that suit you and in achieving all of your individual goals. Characteristics of our department is that it is one of the faculties that devotes the most people and time to education, and that it enables students to acquire a wide variety of qualifications that are useful in society.


Department of Information Sciences and Arts
Curriculum of the Faculty of Information Sciences and Arts is characterized by its diversity in the integration of the humanities and sciences. From this diversity, students select a field or theme that suits them and in which they can excel, and through practical classroom experience from the first year, they deepen their expertise in that field. In order to pursue a specialized field, you need an appropriate guide. For this reason, faculty members with experience and achievements in the field provide accurate and careful educational guidance to each student, both inside and outside the classroom, and take the time to support students in setting and achieving their goals.