Explore the frontiers of the coming knowledge- and information-based society through interdisciplinary studies spanning science, art, and design.

The Faculty of Information Sciences and Arts explores the issue of how to apply the ICT (information and communications technology) on which the foundations of present-day society rest. We aim to cultivate creators and users of high-quality information who can address this issue. Whether students specialize in humanities or sciences, we impart knowledge and skills grounded in information science, and build information skills that are effectively applicable in various contexts ranging from society and economics to culture, art, psychology, media, design, and sport.


Department of Information Sciences and Arts
The Department of Information Sciences and Arts explores the potential of ICT, builds students’ specialized knowledge for wider use in society, and works on practical research in collaborations with local companies and communities. We aim to cultivate human resources in various fields that can lead a knowledge- and information-based society where ICT is used to exchange knowledge and information in every socioeconomic situation, and new value is created through its distribution, sharing, application and accumulation.