Learn the law, study our society, observe humankind.

Many people have their first encounters with the study of law at universities. Students in the Faculty of Law first learn the foundations of law, and then the legal mentality (logical thinking and legally-balanced problem-solving ability.) The eventual goal is to acquire necessary expertise and legally implementable ability to address legal issues in society. In addition, to foster international individuals, we also focus on linguistic and communication abilities, necessary to cope with legal problems in a global society.


Department of Law
Students of the Department of Law acquire legal knowledge and mentality by working with materials related to actual social issues. Building on this knowledge and mentality, we aim to foster human resources that can identify and solve social problems from a well-balanced legal perspective.
Department of Business Law
Compliance is strongly required of enterprises active in society today. The Department of Business Law aims to deliver both the legal and the business knowledge indispensable for international businesspeople. In doing so, we cultivate human resources with the abilities and skills necessary to practice business management.