Learn about the society we live in.

Focusing on theory and proof as a common theme, the Faculty of Sociology offers curriculums according to the specific characteristics of departments. Based on knowledge imparted in classes, students interpret contemporary social issues and explore solutions to them by investigating society through statistical analyses and fieldwork.


Department of Sociology
The Department of Sociology deepens understanding of present-day social problems and develops the wide-ranging vision needed to solve them. We explore basic theories of sociology and study various subjects ranging from the environment, regions, and labor, to globalization, families, education, and geography adopting various points of view. The goal is to foster citizen that can identify social problems and make efforts to solve them with curiosity and a questioning mentality.
Department of Global Diversity Studies
The world needs people who understand the diversity of people and contribute to the creation of a sustainable international society. This department will provide hands-on learning through field experience, we nurture "Global Citizens" who can take on the role of multiculturalism in a practical way.
Department of Media and Communications
The Department of Media and Communications explores the features of present-day society, with media and information as guiding frameworks, and produces specialists who will be leaders in the society of the future.
Department of Social Psychology
The Department of Social Psychology approaches present-day social problems from two perspectives: psychology of social phenomena, i.e. grasping social events from psychological standpoint, and psychology of human relationships, focusing on individuals and the relationships among them. Students learn a wide range of basic subjects related to psychology, and it is possible to obtain qualifications such as "JPA Certified Psychologist", and the undergraduate curriculum required to take the "Certified Public Psychologist" examination is also available.