The future begins at the forefront of the present.

Amid significant changes affecting many aspects of Japan and the world, the Faculty of Economics aims to produce human resources that can recognize Japanese and international economic trends, grasp existing issues, and identify solutions. Students sharpen their abilities to find problems and suggest solutions through autonomous learning and discussions in small-group exercise seminar classes.


Department of Economics
Students in the Department of Economics acquire expertise about economic policies and related systems, while learning the latest economic theories and economic phenomena occurring in the world around us. Focusing on three subjects – theory, proof and policy – the Department aims to foster human resources that can understand present economic issues comprehensively and solve them effectively.
Department of International Economics
Students in the Department of International Economics learn about the economics and society of Europe, the US and Asia, and about international finance, by studying concrete case examples, as well as acquiring a firm basis in international economic theory. We aim to cultivate human resources that act globally, with communication skills in multiple languages as well as a thorough understanding of economics.
Department of Policy Studies
Students in the Department of Policy Studies consider problems facing present-day society, delve into these problems, and explore measures and plans to solve them, then take action, working with others to lead society in the right direction. In doing so, they acquire practical problem-solving abilities that will serve our society in the future.