The power to create value and reach across historical eras.

As globalization and information-based society advances, corporate activities have grown increasingly diverse and complex. In order to obtain a broader view and keep pace with global changes, students in the Faculty of Business Administration study a range of subjects including socioeconomic, environmental issues, and the global situation so that they can work effectively in the corporate society of the future.


Department of Business Administration
In order to produce promising management professionals, the Department of Business Administration fosters students who can formulate measures to realize managerial goals strategically, logically and creatively, with a wide range of knowledge and versatile abilities in the field of economics.
Department of Marketing
Students in the Department of Marketing systematically study subjects related to marketing, so as to establish a structure for selling products that combines product planning and development, advertisement, and distribution. We aim to cultivate human resources that can plan, draw up and carry out appealing strategies with outstanding sensitivity and scientific analytical abilities.
Department of Accounting and Finance
Students in the Department of Accounting and Finance study in related specialized fields with a basis in accounting and finance. We have established five specialized courses according to students’ areas of interest to boost students’ competency in their area of specialization. They can acquire professional knowledge and skills, as well as an international outlook, with a flexible curriculum that enables them to realize their full potential.