Today’s nutrition and health builds a brighter tomorrow.

There are growing expectations regarding research on food and health that underpins high-quality lifestyles full of health and vigor. The Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences enables students to acquire comprehensive knowledge regarding food safety and its functions, the human body and nutrition, and to solve these problems in the real world.


Department of Food and Life Sciences (Food Science Course)
The Food Science Course, in the Department of Food and Life Sciences, aims to produce experts that can contribute to people’s health and food safety in the globalizing food field, adopting scientific perspectives toward food, based on knowledge and techniques related to cutting-edge biotechnology. Students can learn basic bioscience regardless of whether their focus is in the humanities or sciences.
Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences
In the 36th National Examination for Registered Dietitians held in February 2022, 88 applicants all took the test and 83 passed. (rate of 94.3%)
Students in the Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences learn relationships between people’s health and food based on knowledge of biosciences. We aim to cultivate specialists, including managerial dieticians who support dietary lifestyles, in various fields regarding food and nutrition. Also, we provide students with the mentality and ability to learn and explore by themselves, with the broad perspective and range of learning opportunities unique to a comprehensive university.