Give shape to value in forms never seen before.

The spread of the Internet has dramatically reduced the cost of connecting the functions and networks of existing systems, organizations and fields. As a result, the whole concept of social process has also been diversifying. The Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design fosters human resources that can fully exercise their abilities in this “connected era.”


Department of Information Networking for Innovation and Design
The technology to connect people, systems, organizations and fields based on ICT (information and communications technology) enables creation of unprecedented products and services. Students in the Department of Information Networking for Innovation and Design gain the knowledge to create new value from diversified standpoints, by connecting and fusing with various specialized fields ranging from computer science and design to business and civil systems.

Learning Columns

The Learning Columns present articles and videos that describe the activities of Toyo University students and departments.
Taking the initiative and bolding stepping forward will inevitably reveal a whole range of new possibilities. Learning, studying abroad, volunteering...
Prepared in both written and video form, these columns present the experiences of current Toyo University students who devote themselves to their interests and activities.