Learn about living things. Solve the riddles of organic life.

Life Sciences, which unlock the mysteries of life phenomena and use the results to make a positive contribution to society, are expected to contribute to solutions in regenerative medicine, food, and environmental issues. Our goal is to foster human resources that can contribute to development of medicine, environment, agriculture, food, and education fields through comprehensive understanding of the life sciences.


Department of Life Sciences
Students in the Department of Life Sciences learn about the mysteries of life and explore its fundamentals and mechanisms. They acquire knowledge of cutting-edge bioscience and experimental technology in a balanced manner, in addition to understanding the basics of life phenomena. We aim to produce human resources that can contribute to society, using their abilities to address various problems related to the life sciences.
Department of Applied Biosciences
The Department of Applied Biosciences explores how to apply mechanisms of animals, plants and microorganisms to solve various problems related to environment, health, resources, food and more. We aim to cultivate human resources with a wide range of specialized practical abilities regarding biosciences and its applications, who can use their abilities to contribute to society.