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Collaborating with Stakeholders as an Educational and Research Institution to Become a University Open to Society

Ten Years after the Great East Japan Earthquake
Contributions to the Affected Areas through the University’s Knowledge.


現在も、被災経験をした若者と東洋大学の学生との交流などを継続して行い、東北における「震災」「復興」に向き合い続けています。震災発生から10年の節目となる2021年には、2月から3月にかけて、ボランティア支援室主催で「震災、10年~next decade for sustainable society~」をテーマにしたシンポジウムやオンラインワークショップなど、震災を振り返る企画を実施しました。



The Great East Japan Earthquake struck on March 11, 2011. After the earthquake, the University formed a Task Force to address Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Issues in order to make a contribution through the knowledge that we had accumulated as an educational and research institution. Our Faculty members specializing in various fields worked in 12 groups to provide multidisciplinary support. For the situation where people felt vague anxiousness due to confusing information, we held an emergency symposium on topics such as basic knowledge of radiation, disaster prevention, safety measures, in order to disseminate information that would contribute to correct recognition and understanding. We also launched the "Tohoku Support Project" to dispatch student volunteers who wished to be part of the recovery efforts to the affected areas. A total of 2,248 students have been dispatched by AY 2019(*).

At present, we continue to face the effects of the earthquake and work on recovery in Tohoku through ongoing exchanges between young people who have experienced the disaster and our students. During February to March 2021, the tenth anniversary of the earthquake, the Volunteer Support Office hosted a symposium, an online workshop and other events to reflect on the earthquake on the theme of "Ten years after the Earthquake: Next Decade for Sustainable Society."

Based on the experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the University has established a system for conducting rapid support activities in the event of a disaster. This system has been utilized in subsequent disaster relief efforts throughout Japan.

*In AY 2020, we suspended dispatch due to the effects of COVID-19.