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Promoting Diverse Research Endeavors in the Humanities and Sciences to Contribute to Solutions for Various Social Issues

Initiating a Toyo University Focal Research Promotion Program to Encourage Pioneering and Original Research


To encourage research that can contribute to solutions for global challenges and to the branding of the University as well, Toyo University has initiated a Focal Research Promotion Program, which is a system for awarding research grants to eligible applicants for an in-house open call. The program called for applicants from among Toyo University research institutes and research groups engaged in research in designated focal fields, such as innovative research in the ICT field, including IoT, AI and big data, healthcare and welfare research that can lead developed countries, as well as research that can contribute to the achievement of the SDGs. In AY2018–2019, two applicants from among 15 were selected for the grants, and began their three-year research projects starting from April 2019.

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