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Toyo SDGs Ambassador Program for International Students

Toyo SDGs Ambassadors (hereinafter referred to as “Ambassadors” ) are selected from admitted applicants through the “Online Entrance Examinations Offered to International Applicants (Types A and B)” who have applied for the program with “SDGs Action Plan” submitted at the time of application. The Ambassadors will be able to receive financial benefit and various support. Ambassadors are expected to have willingness to contribute to the society and abilities to execute in order to help the global society achieve the SDGs. Ambassadors should participate in different activities that are related to promotion of SDGs and understanding of the global society as well.

【Certification Requirements】

The applicants must meet the following requirements (1)-(3).

(1)Privately financed students with Status of Residence of "Student".

(2) The applicants must satisfy one of the following English proficiency requirements:
・TOEFL iBT® (including Home Edition) Type A: Score of 94 or higher/Type B: Score of 79 or higher
・IELTS™ (Academic Module) Type A: Score of 6. 5 or higher/Type B: Score of 6. 0 or higher
・TOEIC® Type A: L&R score of 780 or higher and S&W score of 310 or higher/Type
B: L&R score of 780 or higher
(3) One of the application documents, “SDGs Action Plan”is deemed to be remarkably outstanding.

*For the departments and faculties that implement this program, see "Application Guide”

【Details of the Benefits】

The Ambassadors will receive benefits in the four areas: 1) financial aid, 2) provision of residence, 3)Campus life support, and 4) support for learning Japanese/Language support
① Financial aid
The Ambassadors will be exempt from the following costs:
(1)Admission fee
(2)Tuition(full or partial waiver depending on Tuition Reduction Scholarship Scheme Criteria )
  First year: With this program, 70% of the tuition will be deducted. The rest 30% will be deducted by the Tuition Reduction Scholarship Scheme
 Second to Fourth years: With this program, 60% of the tuition will be deducted. The rest 40% of tuition will be deducted by the Tuition Reduction Scholarship Scheme
*To reduce financial burden, Toyo highly recommend to apply for Tuition Reduction Scholarship after enrollment. For more information please confirm the application guide for the scholarship.
(3)Lab fee
(4)Facility fee
*There is no obligation to pay the received financial aid back after graduation.
*At the end of each academic year, the Ambassador’s Annual Activity Report will be evaluated to decide whether  the student should be eligible to receive financial aid in the following year. When it is decided to discontinue student’s recognition as an Ambassador, the above-mentioned financial aid will be terminated accordingly.
*Students who lose eligibility may be requested to pay the received financial aid back to the university.
*The Ambassadors will be requested to participate in the events and the PR activities held by the university.

②Provision of housing(including moving-in fees)
The university ensures that the Ambassadors will be able to stay in the AI-House HUB-4 and the International House for four years under the conditions stated below:
・First to second years: the university will provide the Ambassadors with a single room in the AI-House HUB-4 and cover the housing cost including meals (breakfast and dinner) served at the AI-House cafeteria.

・Third to fourth year: the university will provide the Ambassadors with a shared room in the International House upon their preference and cover the housing cost(no meals included). It will not be mandatory to stay in the International House and Ambassadors will be allowed to arrange for their accommodations on their own. In such case, no residential expenses will be covered by the university.
・The Ambassadors are obliged to actively participate in the educational programs held at the AI-House or the International House.

Note: During weekends, summer and spring breaks, and Golden week, cafeteria will be closed. No meals are available.
Students should prepare for living costs such as laundry fee etc.

③Campus life support
・Toyo actively hires Ambassadors who wish to have part-time job as a Student Assistant (SA) for certain courses.  
・Each Ambassador will have a faculty member and a Japanese student from the same department as the Ambassador, who will function as mentors.
・The university will provide with comprehensive support and assistance so that the Ambassadors could appropriately carry out their SDGs Action Plan to achieve the goals.

④Support for learning Japanese
・The Ambassadors who have been admitted to through the Online Entrance Examinations Type A will join a special Japanese language program to acquire JLPT N3 level or equivalent by the time of their graduation.(The Ambassadors are strongly encouraged to take part in this program.)

【Duration of Eligibility and Standard for Renewal】

・Duration of the Eligibility: one year (renewable up to three times)
・Standard for Renewal: decision of renewal will be made based on the Annual Activity Report, considering the progress that has been made in line with the “SDGs Action Plan”

Financial Aid & Tuition and Fees