Prevent Drug-related Crimes 薬物犯罪防止

Protect your future and your friends’ future!

Say “No!” to drugs!!

Use of illegal drugs including marijuana has become a major social problem.
Cultivating, using and possessing marijuana and other drugs are strictly prohibited by law, and are subject to severe disciplinary actions under the University
’s Academic Rules and Regulations.

Reference: Agreement at the Meeting of Deans Concerning Article 57 (Disciplinary Actions) of the Academic Rules and Regulations (December 19, 2007)

Under the disciplinary actions prescribed in Items (1) and (4) of Paragraph 2, Article 57 of the Academic Rules and Regulations, a student will be required to withdraw from the University if he/she falls under any of the following for whatever reason:

  1. Illegal possession of narcotics, stimulant drugs or other illegal drugs
  2. Commission of an assault using a weapon and so forth
  3. Commission of an heinous crime (e.g., murder, robbery, rape, arson)
  4. Commission of a traffic offense (e.g., dangerous driving causing a death, hit-and-run)

Abusing drugs, even if they are not illegal drugs, will damage your body and mind and destroy your relationships with your family and friends. It may even destroy your life as a student and your personality.

What drives people into drug abuse?

  • Deception by alluring words: “It’s great for dieting.” “It will relieve you of your tiredness.”
  • Peer pressure: “I’ll be ostracized if I’m the only one who doesn’t take the drugs.”
  • Stress: “I want to forget bad things that have happened to me.”
  • Curiosity: “I just want to try it once.”

We strongly urge our students to be rational and strong-willed in resisting the temptation of illegal drugs such as marijuana, and to be aware of your duty as a student, and to act sensibly.




参考 学則第57条(懲戒)に関する学部長会議申し合わせ事項(2007年12月19日)


  1. 麻薬・覚醒剤等を不法所持したとき
  2. 凶器等を用いて傷害事件を起こしたとき
  3. 凶悪犯罪(殺人、強盗、強姦、放火等)を起こしたとき
  4. 交通犯罪(危険運転による死亡事故、ひき逃げ等)を起こしたとき



  • 甘い言葉にだまされる「ダイエットに効く、疲れがとれる。」
  • 仲間意識から「自分一人やらないと仲間外れにされる。」
  • ストレスから逃れたい「嫌なことを忘れたい。」
  • 好奇心「一度試してみたかった。」