Review criteria for degree thesis 学位審査について

Review criteria for a master’s degree thesis

Graduate School Review criteria for a master’s degree thesis

1. Originality of the viewpoint, method, content, and conclusion of the thesis
2. Suitability and importance of the theme of the thesis
3. Accuracy of the composition of the thesis, and consistency in the scope of consideration of
4. Sufficient knowledge in the area of expertise based on a survey of previous studies
5. Substantiation supported by data and materials, and usefulness of proposed solutions
6. Demonstration and cogency in the expansion of the points of an argument, and accuracy and
suitability of the use of technical terms and concepts
7. Suitability of ways of citation, annotation, use of materials, and creation of the bibliography
(Research paper)
The review criteria for the research paper correspond to those for a master’s (degree) thesis.

 Review criteria for a doctoral degree thesis( KOU)

At Toyo University, a doctoral degree thesis (KOU) is rigorously reviewed according to the
following criteria.

Graduate School Review criteria for a doctoral degree thesis
1. The doctoral degree thesis should contribute to a modern management society, step into an
unexplored research area, provide new findings in the area, and have originality.
2. The doctoral degree thesis should reach a high degree of perfection and be supported by
coherent logic, as well as meet the requirements mentioned in item 1 above.
3. The relevant student who has submitted the doctoral degree thesis should be recognized to
have complete ability as a researcher, the sophisticated research capacity to play an active
role as an independent researcher, or the ability to perform highly specialized tasks





① 論文の着眼点、方法、内容、結論等における独創性
② 論文テーマ設定の妥当性、重要性
③ 論文構成の的確性、問題検討範囲の整合性
④ 先行研究のサーベイを踏まえた専門分野に関する十分な知識
⑤ データや資料に裏付けられた実証性、提案された解決策の有用性
⑥ 論旨展開における論証力、説得力、専門用語や概念の使い方における正確さ、妥当性
⑦ 引用の仕方、注の付け方、資料の利用の仕方、文献リストの作成などにおける妥当性



1. 学位請求論文が、現代の経営社会に貢献するものであり、未開拓の研究領域に挑戦し、そこに新たな知見を加え、また独創性を有していること。

2. 学位請求論文が、上記1に加え、高い完成度を有し、首尾一貫した論理に支えられたものであること。

3. 学位請求論文提出者が、完成した研究者能力もしくは研究者として自立して活躍できる高度な研究能力もしくは高度な専門的業務を遂行する能力を有すると認められること。