Course of Business Administration and Marketing 経営学研究科 経営学・マーケティング専攻

Course of Business Administration and Marketing

Management abilities are in business administration and marketing.


Chair of the Course of Business Administration and Marketing

Dong Jinghui

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Message from the Course Chair

Companies enhance their corporate value and further contribute to society by organically incorporating the needs of consumers into management practices such as present state analysis and strategic planning. Under such principle of advanced practical business administration, the Graduate School of Business Administration will start offering the course of business administration and marketing in AY2019.

In the era of change in which globalization, a shift toward a service economy and creation of innovation are valued, the need for management resources familiar with advanced business administration and marketing theories and have practical abilities is increasing. Consequently, the mission of this course is to develop highly specialized professionals who can contribute to the development of society. This course offers a qualified team of professors who carry out this mission. The faculty members who specialize in business administration have made great achievements in basic theory studies on business enterprise, organization, human resource management, strategy, decision making and finance, as well as practical and application studies on innovation, monozukuri, production management, management of venture companies, management of small- and medium-sized companies and international management. The faculty members who specialize in marketing have made considerable accomplishments in basic theory studies on economy of consumption, consumer behavior, marketing, distributions, and currency and exchange, as well as practical and application studies on service marketing, international marketing, fashion brand marketing and Internet marketing. In addition, we also have faculty members who have made great achievements in studies on information management and data analysis. With the help of faculty members in these two fields, graduate students in the course will be able to equip themselves with theories necessary for demonstrating their management abilities. Further, they will be able to make great achievements in their studies by receiving guidance on their research projects.

To respond to the globalization of education and research, lectures and research guidance will be offered not only in Japanese but also in English in this course. Students may write a thesis for a degree in English. We hope that international students will enroll in the course as well.

Overview of the Course

In the Master’s course, we aim to foster students’ abilities to think logically through studies backed by advanced theories of and expertise in business administration and marketing, and foster their abilities to apply theories as advanced practical skills and develop a wide variety of approaches, such as issue analysis and strategic planning.

In the Doctoral course, we aim to foster students’ abilities to accurately analyze and examine issues in their specialized areas of business administration and marketing, and foster exceptional research capabilities to create theoretical and practical knowledge in all aspects of society by demonstrating their expertise. 

Course of Business Administration and Marketing
Admission capacity: Master’s program – 22 students; Doctoral program – 4 students
Lecture times: Day/Evening (mainly day)
Campus: Hakusan
Degree: Master’s program – Master of Business Administration or Master of Marketing; Doctoral program – Doctor of Business Administration or Doctor of Marketing
Training and Education Benefits System: Master’s program




董 晶輝











学位:前期課程 修士(経営学)又は修士(マーケティング)後期課程 博士(経営学)又は博士(マーケティング)