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Course of International Culture and Communication Studies 文学研究科 国際文化コミュニケーション専攻

Course of International Culture and Communication Studies


Chair of the Course of International Culture and Communication Studies

Hitoshi Ishida

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Message from the Course Chair

The ability to communicate is essential in a modern global society as it is becoming increasingly diversified. While it is no surprise that leaders of global companies and international institutions are required to have both command of and expert knowledge on language, it is also essential for them to have a deep understanding and multifaceted, expert knowledge regarding culture. Through in-depth learning of cultural communication which connects language and culture, you will be able to become a truly valuable global person. This course is based on two pillars: language communication, which focuses on English, and international culture, which involves the UK, Germany, France and Japan. The course will be taught by a talented team of faculty members so students can engage in diverse areas of studies. This is a chance for you to open the door to cultural communication.

Overview of the Course

In this course, students will learn both aspects of language and culture. We aim to develop highly specialized professionals and cultured persons who deeply understand a multilingual, multicultural society with a flexible and practical ability to adapt to a global society. We also aim to foster human resources who can thrive in the fields of specialized education and research on language communication and in cultures of different regions in the world. We will nurture human resources with deep knowledge of language and literary culture, who understand different cultures of a diversified global society, and who can disseminate their own cultures. 

Course of International Culture and Communication Studies
Admission capacity: Master’s program – 10 students; Doctoral program – 3 students
Lecture times: Day
Campus: Hakusan
Degree: Master’s program – Master of Arts; Doctoral program – Ph.D. in International Culture and Communication Studies
Teacher’s license: Senior high (English); Junior high (English)





石田 仁志







学位:前期課程 修士(国際文化コミュニケーション)後期課程 博士(国際文化コミュニケーション)