Course of Public Law 法学研究科 公法学専攻

Course of Public Law

Responding to a wide range of needs with excellent professors and cross-disciplinary study



Chair of the Course of Public Law

Yukihiro Takano

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Message from the Course Chair

Responding to a wide range of needs with excellent professors and cross-disciplinary study-Longstanding achievements and confidence in tax law instruction

This course is characterized by the following three features: (1) a team of professors offering a wide range of expertise, (2) lowered barriers to the private law course to enable cross-disciplinary research, and (3) a focus on tax law that provides exemption from legal subjects in the certified tax accountant examination. We invite students to use the course environment as it encourages the careful consideration of individual research themes and learning from a broad perspective. As to characteristics of this course, students seeking exemption from legal subjects of the tax accountant qualifying examination work hard on their Master’s theses to produce a piece of work that is particularly outstanding in terms of both quality and quantity. Intensive guidance is provided by two supervisors to help students further enhance the level of their Master’s theses. The course covers relevant elements of study related to the constitution and private law, and it provides an ideal environment for students who wish to conduct research in fields other than tax law. Our doors are also open to working adults, and a large number of our students are also working in the fields of accountancy and tax accountancy. We look forward to welcoming students who can engage in active discussions with a positive attitude and discover their own research themes.

Overview of the Course

  • Admission capacity: Master’s program – 10 students; Doctoral program – 5 students
  • Lecture time: Day/Evening 
  • Campus: Hakusan
  • Degree: Master’s program – Master of Laws; Doctoral program – Doctor of Laws
  • Entrance examination for international students: Master’s program/Doctoral program
  • Training and Education Benefits System: Master’s program
  • Teacher’s license: Senior high (Civics); Junior high (Social Studies)

Exemption from Subjects in the Certified Tax Accountant Examination

Upon completing the Course of Public Law at the Graduate School of Law, students can be exempted from certain subjects in the certified tax accountant examination. See the National Tax Administration Agency website for more details. Moreover, the National Tax Administration Agency screens individual students to ensure that the content of their Master’s theses fulfils the exemption criteria. Therefore, the research guidance provided by faculty members is important.





高野 幸大






  • 入学定員:前期課程10名/後期課程5名
  • 開講時間:昼夜間開講
  • キャンパス:白山
  • 学位:前期課程 修士(法学)/後期課程 博士(法学)
  • 外国人留学生入試:前期課程/後期課程
  • 教育訓練給付制度指定講座:前期課程
  • 取得可能な資格:高等学校教諭専修免許状(公民)/中学校教諭専修免許状(社会)