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  4. Faculty of Global and Regional Studies 国際学部
  5. Department of Regional Development Studies (Regional Studies Course)[Evening Course]国際地域学科 地域総合専攻(イブニングコース)

Department of Regional Development Studies (Regional Studies Course)[Evening Course], Faculty of Regional Development Studies 国際学部 国際地域学科 地域総合専攻

Purpose of Human Resource Education

In Department of Regional Development Studies Regional Development Studies Course, the "development of region" based on  a hands-on approach is conducted domestically and internationally, and it aims to cultivate practical human resources who can contribute to the region development through development support and a business occurring around Asia including Japan.

Educational Objectives

Our educational objectives are to help students acquire;

  1. knowledge to miscellaneous problems of regions, and the ablility to objectively anylyze those problems by using various approaches in cultural science, social science, and natural science fields,
  2. the practical language ability and the communication skill which are able to handle with multicultural environment in order to actively play an role in the globalized society,
  3. know-how to correspond to issues on sites of "development of region" domestically and internationally, and the practical ability to work on them specifically.

In order to achieve the goals above, we provide five Courses: “Public Policy,” “Comparative Culture and Public Opinion,” “International Development,” “Area Design,” and “Environment and Disaster Prevention” for students to acquire the abilities required to become the human resources we aim for, as well as incorporating a training in the actual field in the curriculum.





  1. 地域の諸問題に対する知識と、人文科学・社会科学・自然科学の多様なアプローチを用いて俯瞰的な視点からそれらの問題を客観的に分析する能力、
  2. 異文化環境における実践的な語学能力、コミュニケーション能力、
  3. 「地域づくり」の現場における課題に対応するためのノウハウと、それを具体的に実践していく能力、