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国際学部国際地域学科教員(Hughes, Robert)


Hughes, Robert


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【2017年度、学部担当授業一覧】  Classes 2017

【昼】Current subject offerings for first year students include English Communication, Reading, and Composition. For second year students, subjects offered are English Proficiency Tests IV, Media English, Project Seminar II with a focus on indigenous people, and Regional to International Issues.

English Language for skill development with emphasis on oral communication

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Four years of university opportunities will pass in a flash! Students have to be ambitious to best take advantage of all that can be accomplished. As a language teaching specialist, I hope to guide students to fluency in spoken English and provide the tools for a high level of academic functioning in reading and writing in English. However, this means that students accept responsibility for their learning by making a tremendous effort. there is no magical way to accomplish this....success comes through effort! Make the effort and you will succeed!