Symposium シンポジウム

November 2017 

Nursing labor in Japan and the wage

June 2017 

Impact of artificial intelligence

November 2016 

Considering the way of energy and the environment

November 2015 

The future of the urban management which IT makes - Before the holdings of 2020 year Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympics-

December 2014 

To increase tourists from foreign countries- 2020 year Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympics as an opportunity-

July 2013 ,The 12th Environment Symposium

Regarding the state of water, energy, and environment-Aiming for a sustainable area management-

July 2012 ,The 11th Environment Symposium

-How to put effort into biodiversity- the industrial world, nongovernmental organization and government, considering from each view point

July 2011 ,The 10th Environment Symposium

The state of the lifeline functions in big earthquakes and the countermeasures

July 2010 ,The 9th Environment Symposium

The state of the preservation of natural environment and the new farm management- aim for the development of sustainable agriculture-

July 2009 ,The 8th Environment Symposium

The state of the energy and the environment for the low carbon revolution-Aiming for sustainable society-

November 2008 ,The 7th Environment Symposium

The forefront of environmental education in Toyo University-Development to practice from creation of intellect-

July 2007 ,The 6th Environment Symposium

Asking for sustainable access of water resources-current state of Japan and international cooperation-

July 2006 ,The 5th Environment Symposium

"Beautiful Japan " and aiming for the symbiosis of forest, water, and the sky

July 2005 ,The 4th Environment Symposium

The sustainability management needed for a present-day enterprise

July 2004 ,The 3rd Environment Symposium

The environmental structure of the city and the community management

July 2003 ,The 2nd Environment Symposium

Aiming for a environment considerate local community - from partnership of citizen, polity and university-

December 2002 ,Establishment Commemoration Symposium

Aiming to buildi a cycloid type society

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2013年7月  第12回環境シンポジウム

水とエネルギーと環境のあり方を考える - 持続可能な地域経営を目指して -

2012年7月  第11回環境シンポジウム


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