Actibity log 活動記録

Activity Report: Research on Family Support Center Operating System (Prepared by Yuki Ogura, Visiting Researcher)

July, 2017

Posted here is an activity report regarding the Family Support Center Operating System.
Prepared by: Yuki Ogura, Visiting Researcher
Research on Family Support Center Operation System [PDF / 1.44MB]

Activity Log: Research Unit for Elderly Open to the Public Workshop "Research Administration in an University Study Base -Considering the future of research planning and management"

August, 2016

On March 24, 2016, Research Unit for Elderly Open to the Public Workshop, "Considering the future of Research Administration in an University research base-study planning and management", was performed. About future study operation in an University study base, idea is free from the various viewpoints, planned as a place to debate.

The informant: Yuki Ogura (Toyo University Research Center for Development of Welfare Society Visiting Research Fellow)

The commentator: Toshie Murakami (The University of Tokyo, Policy Alternatives Research Institute Designated Specialist, Ura)

       : Tetsuya Negishi (Toyo University Research Promotion Office, Research Promotion Section Manager)

The coordinator: Ryoji Kobayashi (Toyo University Research Center of Welfare Society Research Fellow/Management Committee)

Please see this for details->Elderly Uactivity Log [PDF file /215KB]

Report: Party Participatory Development Research Business to support the home with children affected by the disaster continually

March, 2016

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in academic year 2015 Exhibiting Paper for Child and Child Care Support Promotion Research Business Problem 12. A Official Version Report [PDF file /25.99MB].

Record: Theory and a history group, open to the public workshop in September in academic year 2015

September, 2015

Research Group for Theory and History are putting an open to the public workshop into effect. We have Akimoto Group Chief reporting this workshop, and debate about social welfare and right protection was developed. Partial introducing what kind of point of view were learned from the copy.

* Please see PDF for details Research Group for Theory and History. [PDF file /311KB]

Total result "investigation about an operation system in a family support center (child-rearing edition)"

August, 2015

A report on the simple tabulation of "investigation about an operation system in a family support center (child-rearing edition)" and a result of the cross tabulation by organization.

* Please see PDF for details.Family Support Center [PDF file /1.89MB]

The study results for the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare children's welfare problem investigation "the system development research business to support the home with children affected by the disaster" in academic year 2014

April, 2015

Research Center for Development of Welfare Society takes the leading role, plans and applies as Toyo University in academic year 2014, and this research is a report of the adopted study. 7 groups which were performing learning support targeted for the junior and senior high school students who have suffered at the Great East Japan Earthquake, cooperated and a research organization was produced. 137 people of children in the disaster area participated in the questionnaire survey and group discussion. The main "voices" of those were sorted and gathered.

* A report is being exhibited, please take a look. The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Report [PDF file /6.33MB]

"∼Person's independent support and right protection with intellectual disabilities∼Focusing on decision-making support∼"

January, 2015

A symposium of the Research Unit for People with Disabilities was held in Toyo University Hakusan Campus 3rd meeting room on January 24, 2015.

We had Hiroshi Takebata (Yamanashi Gakuin University Faculty of Law Political Administrative Department and the Cabinet Office with Disabilities Institutional Reform Promotion Meeting Employee Services Meeting Former Commissioner) lecture that day. It was possible also to report it to Research Fellow of the disabilities unit and develop active debate.

•Please see here for details.

"Possibility of being able to show the business using data of an area inclusion support center"

January, 2015

 An opening to the public workshop of the elder unit was held in a Toyo University Hakusan Campus Sky Hall on November 22, 2014. Metropolitan Area Inclusion Support Center had the autonomous body concerned participate with the elder police station business on the day.

•Please see here for details.

Tokyo Investigation about the support to the watch of the senior citizen

July, 2013

"Questionnaire Result" Newsletter

 We are sending All Area Inclusion Support Centers in Tokyo (382 points), an In-Home Nursing Care Support Center (92 points) and a elder police station business establishment (43 points) as a target, collection was 47.58%, and effective answers were 242 votes.

•Please see here for details.




担当:客員研究員 小椋佑紀ファミリー・サポート・センターの運営システムに関する調査 [PDFファイル/1.44MB]



活動記録:高齢ユニット公開研究会「大学研究拠点におけるResearch Administration―研究企画・マネジメントのこれからを考える」


2016年3月24日に高齢ユニット公開研究会「大学研究拠点におけるResearch Administration―研究企画・マネジメントのこれからを考える」が行われました。大学研究拠点における研究運営の今後について、様々な立場から自由に考え、議論する場として企画されました。

報告者:小椋 佑紀(東洋大学福祉社会開発研究センター 客員研究員)

コメンテーター:村上 壽枝(東京大学政策ビジョン研究センター 特任専門職員・Ura)

        :根岸 哲也(東洋大学研究推進部研究推進課 課長)

コーディネーター:小林 良二(東洋大学福祉社会研究センター 研究員/運営委員)

詳細はこちらをご覧ください→高齢U活動記録 [PDFファイル/215KB]




平成27年度厚生労働省 子ども・子育て支援推進調査研究事業課題12の報告書を公開いたします。正式版 報告書 [PDFファイル/25.99MB]





・詳細につきましては、PDFをご覧ください理論・歴史グループ [PDFファイル/311KB]




・詳細につきましては、PDFをご覧ください。ファミリー・サポート・センター [PDFファイル/1.89MB]




・報告書を公開していますので、ぜひご覧ください厚労省報告書 [PDFファイル/6.33MB]








東京都 高齢者等の見守りに対する支援に関する調査




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