Research 理念・プロジェクトの概要


プロジェクトの理念 / Principles and Purpose of the Research


Nowadays, not only large corporations but also regional SMEs are expected to develop their own management from the viewpoint of SDGs. The term “SDGs” creates the image of a high threshold. However, in reality, the seeds of SDGs are also frequently found in the daily management and activities of local SMEs. By focusing on such seeds of SDGs, this research aimed to reconsider and describe the daily management and activities of SMEs in Arakawa Ward from the framework of the SDGs. Then, based on the results, we attempted to perform SDGs branding for SMEs in Arakawa Ward, and to disseminate information throughout Japan and overseas.




Toyo University originates from “Tetsugakukan (Philosophy Academy)”founded by Dr. Enryo Inoue in 1887. Since our founding, the University has received support from people throughout Japan. At the same time, the University has valued mutual connections by providing information based on our research. Then, in June 2021, we enacted the “Toyo University Incorporated Educational Institution Charter of Conduct for SDGs” and decided to be even more active in taking on the challenges faced by our planet. The Earth is a collection of regions. We must embrace the challenge of addressing various difficulties by connecting the power of the local people. Today, companies and residents in Arakawa Ward are working to create the future of global society by utilizing the power cultivated through their rich ideas and experiences. Toyo University will assist in the formation of an infrastructure for these efforts by collaborating in research and dissemination of information.

東洋大学 学長 矢口 悦子

東洋大学 学長
矢口 悦子
Yaguchi Etsuko

プロジェクトの概要 / Project Outline


Research Name


Regional SDGs Branding for SMEs in Arakawa Ward and Construction of a Foundation for Disseminating Information to Overseas


Organization Conducting Research

東洋大学 産官学連携推進センター

Industry-Government-Academia Partnership Center, Toyo University


Head Researcher


Satoshi Yamamoto (Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Toyo University)


Research Period


June 2021 to March 2022