Objectives of the Project 【TOYO GLOBAL DIAMONDS】達成目標

Objectives of the Project

In promoting the Top Global University Project, there are 41 indices that have been set as concrete objectives that the member universities should aim to achieve. They include 23 indices on institutional design and 18 numerical objectives. In addition to these objectives, Toyo University has set some original objectives.

The adopted universities are required to work on and achieve these objectives by 2023, and further promote their internationalization.

The Top Global University Project - TOYO GLOBAL DIAMONDS


スーパーグローバル大学創成支援の推進にあたっては、採択された大学に共通した41項目にわたる達成指標が課せられています。達成指標には、グローバル化の推進に必要不可欠な「制度設計」(23 項目)と「数値指標」(共通18 項目)があります。また、この指標のほか、東洋大学独自の指標も追加し、あわせて達成目標として定めています。


スーパーグローバル大学創成支援 TOYO GLOBAL DIAMONDS構想

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