Toyo Universitys TGD Project 【スーパーグローバル大学創成支援】東洋大学のTGD構想


The outline of the project “TOYO GLOBAL DIAMONDS: Becoming an Asian hub university for global leaders” is described as follows. Each of the points mentioned below, as well as the reform of human resources and academic systems, will be the central driving force for implementing university reforms and the internationalization of the institution.

◆ The Toyo Global Leader (TGL) program: Developing global human resources in the intermediate layer of the Diamond

The TGL program aims to strengthen various students’ abilities and skills: namely the ability to express thoughts and ideas in English in intercultural environments, to create cultural values and to solve problems in settings with various cultural backgrounds. Overall the whole program helps students become globally active citizens. There are seven requirements for students to be recognized as Toyo Global Leaders in this program. According to their level of achievement, they are awarded "Gold", "Silver" or "Bronze" status.

◆ Development of global leaders by establishing innovative educational organization

TDG Project fig.

◆ Formation of Asian "Erasmus" by promoting highly internationalized education programs

Toyo University is promoting internationalization to ensure quality educational programs. In order to operate as a hub university in Asia, Toyo has been actively participating in the University Mobility in Asia and Pacific (UMAP) program and making exchange/transfer agreements with universities all over the world. In addition, Toyo will set guidelines regarding internationalization so that the academic degrees and credit/grading systems will fully meet international standards.

◆ Global education for all generations

Toyo University has been playing a leading role in providing opportunities for global education across a wide range of generations from kindergarteners to senior citizens. One example of this is the TOYO UNIVERSITY-UCLA Extension Business English Communication Program.

◆ Establishment of sustainable educational platforms

The financially independent in-house corporation named Toyo Global Diamond Co., Ltd. (tentative) is now being planned. This corporation will create educational platforms for global education that enable Toyo to keep promoting and developing the action plans further, even after the Top Global University Project is finished.

Logic Model

Toyo Logic Model

Toyo University Logic Model [PDF] 




TGD(TOYO GLOBAL DIAMONDS グローバルリーダーの集うアジアのハブ大学を目指して)の骨子は以下の通りです。この骨子の実現と人事・教務システムの改革を通じて大学改革と国際化を推進していきます。

◆ 東洋大学グローバルリーダー(TGL)プログラムの展開による、グローバル人財の分厚い中間層の形成

グローバル人財として成長するために「異文化環境における英語運用表現能力」「文化的な価値創造能力」「異文化環境における課題解決能力」の3要素の強化を目的としたプログラムです。これらの目的に沿って「Gold」「Silver」「Bronze」のランクごとに7つの認定要件を定め、各要件を満たした学生をToyo Global Leaderとして認定します。

◆ 先進的な教育組織の新設によるグローバルリーダーの育成




◆ 普遍的な全世代グローバル教育


◆ 持続可能な教育プラットフォームの構築




東洋大学ロジックモデル [PDF]