The Top Global University Project Launched by the MEXT 文部科学省「スーパーグローバル大学創成支援」

The Top Global University Project Launched by the MEXT

About the Project

As the world is economically globalizing further, in order for Japan to compete with the rest of the world, it is essential for universities in Japan to strengthen their international competitiveness and produce human resource who can play active roles in the globalizing world. Japan’s universities must undertake thorough reform and internationalization to ensure quality higher education that meets international standards and to foster their international competitiveness.

The Top Global University Project is a ten-year MEXT-led set of projects that supports universities attempting to achieve academic/administrative exchanges with top ranked universities in the world through administrative reforms on human resource and academic systems. It is also intended to provide support to those universities that seek to strengthen governance of the school to provide education to students with global competence.

The Top Global University Project is two-fold:

Type A: Top Type   13 universities selected

  • 11 national universities
  • 2 private universities

Type B: Global Traction Type   24 universities selected

  • 10 national universities
  • 2 public universities
  • 12 private universities

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タイプA(トップ型): 世界ランキングトップ100 を目指す、世界レベルの教育研究を行うトップ大学を目指します。

タイプB(グローバル化牽引型): これまでの実績を基にさらに先導的試行に挑戦し、日本社会のグローバル化を牽引する大学を目指します。

本学は、「TOYO GLOBAL DIAMONDS グローバルリーダーの集うアジアのハブ大学を目指して」の構想でタイプB に採択されました。



タイプA: トップ型 13 校

■ 国立大学(11 校)

■ 私立大学(2校)

タイプB:グロ-バル化牽引型 24 校

■ 国立大学(10 校)

■ 公立大学(2校)

■ 私立大学(12 校)


スーパーグローバル大学創成支援 [外部リンク]