TGL GOLD認定者 Benali Chaimaeさん インタビュー



Benali Chaimae さん(国際学部 グローバル・イノベーション学科4年/2022年3月時点)

① Why did you decide to aim for the TGL GOLD certification?

I came to Japan with the goal of becoming an international person and to be comfortable in working on a global scale and interacting with people from different cultures. Therefore, I made it my challenge to work towards receiving TGL GOLD, as it represented all the characteristics I wished to achieve.

② What was the biggest challenge in pursuing your TGL GOLD certification?
  How did you overcome the difficulties?

Back in my home country: Morocco, I was able to become fluent in English in less than 4 years. However, since I came to Japan, my biggest struggle was learning Japanese, and although I have taken many Japanese classes, I am not yet confident enough in it. However, learning is not limited by classes, so I joined many circles in Toyo University that allowed me to interact with Japanese students and I am still continuously working on it!

③ How has your active participation in the TGL program impacted your college experience?
  In particular, how has it affected your global career development?

My pursuit of TGL Gold encouraged me to become the president of my Department’s Sutent Government Association in which I managed the organization of a big scale overnight camp, it has also encouraged me to participate in managing and participating in other workshops and events such as GINOS Forum (a forum about climate change), Yonaoshi (a conference on social issues), CREATOYO (workshops on creativity) and I was even able to join and event in which I meet and talked to a world leader! These experiences have allowed me to learn so much about management, but also about various international fields as I was lucky to be under the guidance of professionals.

④ What kind of person do you want to be after graduation?

After graduation, I want to be a confident, creative, aware and international member of society.

⑤ As a TGL GOLD certified senior, do you have any messages for junior students and new students?

 Be the change you want to see!