Program 5:Management





  1. 学生定員と教員定員、職員定員の見直し(ST比、SS比の改善)
  2. 学内委員会組織の効率化と整理による研究時間の創出
  3. 特任教員採用をはじめとする採用形態の柔軟化
  4. 国内外の教育研究情勢調査及び大学運営戦略能力の強化
  5. 専任職員の役割の明確化とアウトソーシング等の総コストバランスの適正化


To demonstrate the comprehensive power of Toyo University by strengthening cooperative mechanism to be called “Team Toyo”

Implement flexibly our optimization of the educational environment and organizational restructuring and combine our comprehensive strengths to form “Team Toyo”.
Cultivate university management professionals by encouraging and facilitating them to keep up-to-date with current teaching in management and finance, so that we evolve into a university that remains strong through times of transformation with a sustainable management foundation.
Create a strong foundation for university management to ensure ongoing development with a view to the future.


  1. Review student, faculty, and staff capacity
  2. Increase time for research by improving the efficiency and organization of campus committees.
  3. Create flexible recruitment forms, including those for appointing specially-appointed instructors.
  4. Survey educational and research conditions both domestically and abroad, and strengthen the strategic capabilities of university management.
  5. Clarify the role of full-time staff and optimize total cost balances by means such as outsourcing.