Program 1:Innovation





  1. 情報連携研究によるAI、IoT、ビッグデータの活用と社会インフラの整備実用
  2. アジアを中心とする発展途上国への官民と共に行う、多国間共同研究プロジェクトの推進
  3. 国内外の最先端の経営手法の研究と教育機能の展開
  4. 食環境、健康福祉研究分野などの健康先進国をリードするプロジェクトの推進
  5. ダイバーシティ推進組織の設立と多様性ある社会システムの実現に向けた推進活動の展開
  6. 「TOYO SPORTS VISION」をもとにした、地域とのパートナーシップ形成と健全な青少年育成活動
  7. 国際的なスポーツビジネスの運営協力の開始
  8. 観光立国を推進するためのプロジェクトの展開


To evolve into a university that may deliver new socially-relevant innovations

Toyo University commits through advanced education and research, to realize various innovations through collaboration with the public and the private sector, contribute to build a diverse social environment and create rich human values, and in consequence transform society’s mood of crisis into one of hope through our very existence.


  1. Improve social infrastructure by expanded use of AI, IoT, and big data involving collaboration.
  2. Promote multinational collaborative research projects in association with public and private institutions from developing countries, primarily in Asia.
  3. Research state-of-the-art management skills of enterprise used both in Japan and abroad, and develop educational functions.
  4. Promote advanced projects with regard to health in areas such as food, environment, health and welfare.
  5. Establish organizations that promote social diversity and develop activities aimed at promoting a diverse social system.
  6. Form a partnership with the region for healthy youth development activities that are based on Toyo University’s sports vision.
  7. Initiate cooperation in international sports business management.
  8. Expand related projects to innovate with respect to the national goal of tourism.