INTER-UNIVERSITY EXCHANGE PROJECTToyo University's latest project to foster
globally-minded talents for multicultural society.



The program to develop Japanese language abilities and multicultural Communication Skills of
International Professionals through intensive business Japanese language study

“The way Japan imagines Western countries in ease and contentment is the cause of great disparity between us.”
Enryo Inoue, the founder of Toyo University, made this statement in 1888 after traveling the world for the first time.
In the unpredictable modern world, the ability to cross over national borders and language barriers and be active without hesitation in international society is more in-demand than ever.
The ideal environment for developing into a business professional with a global perspective and the ability to cooperate with other people all over the world is waiting for you.


Project Overviewプロジェクト概要

A project to foster business professionals with multicultural communication skills and global mindset through Japanese language education.

In AY 2022, Toyo University was selected for the Ministry of Education’s
Inter-University Exchange Project: Creation of Inter-University Exchanges in the Indo-Pacific Region.
Working alongside Japanese language departments and programs at project partner universities, our goal is to raise business professionals with high level of Japanese language proficiency as well as multicultural communication skills and a global mindset.
By implementing a range of programs, we aim to nurture talented individuals who can foster connections between Japan and overseas.

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