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Announcements from Toyo University

Service for Issuing Certificates at Convenience Stores Introduced

To use this service, 1) apply for the required certificates online, 2) pay the processing fees for issue by credit card, by cash in-store, or by other electronic money, 3) use the multipurpose copy machine installed at convenience stores throughout Japan (Seven Eleven, Family Mart, Lawson [in Japanese kana order]) to print your certificates. Please check the link on the right for details about the service and the procedure.

*Receiving certificates at convenience store multipurpose copy machines is limited to those who have graduated/completed after March 2013.

Issue process

Service for Issuing Certificates at Convenience Stores
Please check the link for details about the service and the procedure.

Changing registered information

To change information such as your address or email address, please do so from the address change form on the “For Alumni” page of the Toyo University website. Please register your email address as we will send out various announcements.

Changing registered information
the address change form

Official Instagram Account

We have started an official Instagram account to tell you about the current state of the university.

Please follow us.
Account name: toyo_univ

Event Information

Homecoming Day, Sunday, October 24, 2021

At Toyo University, we annually hold the “Homecoming Day” where alumni can return to the university. For AY2020, due to COVID-19, we could not hold the event in-person and held an “Online Graduation Ceremony” and an “Online Seminar Exchange Event” instead. We are planning to hold Homecoming Day on Sunday, October 24, 2021.

Lecture to commemorate the opening of the Toyo University Inoue Enryo Center for Philosophy

Makio Takemura
First lecture
Makio Takemura
Former President, Toyo University Professor Emeritus
Koichi Yumoto
Second lecture
Koichi Yumoto
Director Emeritus of the Yumoto Koichi Memorial JAPAN YOKAI MUSEUM
(Miyoshi Mononoke Museum)

English Conversation Corner

Toyo Achieve English, recruiting students for a special course!

At Toyo University, we hold English conversation classes in small groups every day on campus to improve student's English ability. We also hold classes for the general public (ten lessons over three months). Lessons are taught by a friendly Filipino teacher and are highly rated by all ages, from children to seniors. When applying, you can choose either online lessons or in-person lessons at the Hakusan Campus. You can also select your class schedule so those who are busy or live far away can take the class according to their schedule. Also, as lessons are typically one-on-one, they are customized to students' level and learning objective. Even in a short time, you will feel that your English skills have improved. Please take the course!

English Conversation Corner Click here for details

Restructuring of Departments and Faculties

We will build a base for learning and research that tackles multi-level and advanced themes through the restructuring of Departments and Faculties.

*Faculties and departments scheduled to be established after April 2023 are in the planning stage as of June 2021. The names of the faculties and departments are provisional, and the content of the plans is subject to change.

2021 April

Established a new department with the Faculty of Sociology and relocated the Faculty of Human Life Design

  • Established Department of Global Diversity Studies (Hakusan Campus)
  • Relocated all Departments of the Faculty of Human Life Design (from Asaka Campus to Akabanedai Campus)
2023 April

Planning to establish two faculties and five departments related to welfare, health care, and sports at the Akabanedai Campus

  • Establish Faculty of Design for Welfare Society, Department of Social Welfare Studies, Department of Child Studies, Department of Human Environment Design
  • Establish Faculty of Health and Sports Science, Department of Health and Sports Science, Department of Advanced Nutritional Science
2024 April

Consolidate two faculties and six departments related to life sciences and food and nutritional sciences at the Asaka Campus

  • Establish/Relocate Faculty of Life Sciences, Department of Life Sciences, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Department of Bioresources
  • Establish/Relocate Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences, Department of Food and life Sciences, Department of Food Data Science, Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences