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During COVID, Post COVID-19 / TOYO 2020-2021

During COVID-19 We Don’t Stop Going Forward

Student life during COVID-19 has continued since 2020.
At Toyo University, we are implementing countermeasures daily and providing various support so students can continue to study.

TOPIC 01 Learning Support Don’t stop learning
Don’t leave anyone behind
Fear appropriately

For the 2020 spring semester, we switched all classes and guidance online, and we provided students with “Special Learning Grant” to set up the internet network for students taking lessons. We gradually restarted in-person classes on campus from the fall semester while avoiding the three Cs. We set up a system for students who cannot attend classes, such as international students and students with underlying conditions to attend classes via live streaming. For AY2021, we carefully examined in-person classes on campus primally for required courses and lab courses. In line with the level of infection, over 60% of courses have restarted in-person classes on campus.

A hybrid class at the Faculty of Economics

TOPIC 02 Job Hunting Support So that students do not miss job-hunting opportunities, we are conducting ongoing job hunting support online.

Ahead of other universities, Toyo University held an online career fair in March 2020 that was well received by both companies and students. In June, we held a second career fair and an internship fair. Regarding individual consultations, we are responding with an online focus and taking actions such as increasing the number of career counselors. Students noted that they were able to become familiar with online information sessions. We are providing consistent, diverse support, and we devised various online lectures such as open consultation sessions. We will continue to support students to take action on what they should do.

An online consultation

TOPIC 03 Support for Living Creating Opportunities to Help One Another with Food Banks.
“Hands to Hands—
Let’s Overcome the Coronavirus Pandemic Together.

Amidst the continuing uncertainty, Toyo University Volunteer Support Office took a key role in starting a food bank (Support and Cooperation: Toyo University Hosuikai, Toyo University Alumni Association, and Toyo University Co-op). Since September 2020, the food bank has received a great deal of support from over 60 alumni, faculty members, students, and parents. We sorted the food into individual portions, and deliveries began in October at all campuses.
Those in charge of the project noted, “The foodbank became an opportunity for cooperation that conveyed the feelings both of donors and students,” and the second food bank was held in November. The foodbank is continuing operations in AY2021.

Donated food
Collection site

TOPIC 04 Graduation and Entrance Ceremonies The 2020 Graduation Ceremony was held online.
The 2021 Graduation and Entrance Ceremonies were held at the Nippon Budokan, with thorough infection prevention measures, and participants split into morning and afternoon sessions.

The 2020 graduation ceremony was canceled, and diplomas were sent individually to student’s homes. The canceled graduation ceremony was held as an “Online Graduation Ceremony” for March and September graduates at the October Homecoming Day. The 2021 Graduation and Entrance Ceremonies were held at the Nippon Budokan, with thorough infection prevention measures, and participants split into morning and afternoon sessions. The entrance ceremony in April was held in conjunction with the “Entrance Ceremony for AY2021 2nd Year Students.” The ceremony at the Nippon Budokan was streamed live on YouTube so that family members who could not enter the venue due to the restrictions could watch at home.

Online graduation ceremony hosted by Kana Sasamori, “Barbie”