Commuter Pass/Student Discount for Transportation 定期券・学割証

Commuter Pass/ Student Commuter Certificate

You can purchase a commuter pass of Japan Railway, private railways, subways and other transport companies by presenting your Student ID Card at the station counter. Your Student ID Card should have a sticker on the back of it with your current information (year of study, address and commuting route including any buses that you may use) correctly written in pen, otherwise your Student ID Card will be invalid to buy a commuter pass.

In the following cases, you also need to submit a Student Commuter Certificate to the transport company along with your Student ID Card. Please apply for a Student Commuter Certificate at the Student Support Section before going to a station counter.

  1. Purchasing a pass from a private bus company (only for some companies) (Please check if they require the Student Commuter Certificate at their station counter.)
  2. Purchasing a pass to commute to your practicum which is not at your usual Campus
  3. Purchasing a pass to be used for classes (by a student of Hakusan Campus) to the General Sport Center in Asaka Campus
  • When you change your address or commuting route, you need to notify the Student Support Section by submitting a Notice of Address Change and have a new sticker on your Student ID Card issued. Any change of items written on the sticker should be notified to Student Support Section and have the University’s confirmation/correction stamp on it, otherwise your Student ID Card will be invalid.
  • You are not allowed to purchase a commuter pass for any activities other than your regular classes, i.e. traveling to club activities, part-time jobs, job-seeking activities. The route has to be the shortest between your nearest home station and the station of your Campus. Any wrongful use of student commuter pass will incur a large surcharge and result in the University being suspended from issuing such passes. It goes without saying this will cause inconvenience to many students. We urge you to purchase your commuter pass in an appropriate manner by following the above rules.
  • When there is no space left on your Issuance Record of Commuting Pass on the sticker of Student ID or it becomes unreadable, you will need to apply with your Student ID Card for a new sticker at Student Support Section.

Student Discount For Transportation (Gakuwari)

You can receive a 20% discount with Student Discount when you travel 101 km or more one-way on JR trains or ships. The Discount is available free of charge from the University’s certificate-issuing machines. You can obtain up to two Discounts a day. The Discounts are valid for three months from the date of issue.

If you are returning journey using the same route, you can purchase a return (round-trip) ticket using one Discount.

  • Please be sure to always carry your Student ID Card with you when you travel using student discount.
  • Any wrongful use of student discount will incur a large surcharge and result in the University being suspended from issuing student discount. It goes without saying that this will cause inconvenience to many students. Please make sure that you use the Discount in an appropriate manner.
  • If you wish to obtain more than 10 Discounts a year, please make an inquiry at the Student Support Section

Group Travel Discount for Students

If you travel in a group of eight or more students accompanied by one or more supervisors for extracurricular activities or seminars, you can use a Group Discount of 50% off the regular fare. To use a Group Discount, you need a certificate from the University. Please obtain a Group Travel Application Form at the station counter or travel agency and make an application at the Student Support Section. You need to apply for a Group Travel Discount at least 14 days before the scheduled travel date.





  1. 私営バス(一部会社のみ)の通学定期券を購入する場合(必要の有無は各販売所で確認してください)。
  2. 実習等で学外へ通うために通学定期券を購入する場合。
  3. 白山キャンパスの学生が授業のために朝霞キャンパス・総合スポーツセンターへの通学定期券を購入する場合。
  • 現住所の変更に伴って通学区間が変わった場合は、「住所変更届」の提出と併せて、新たな学生証裏面シールの発行を受ける必要がありますので、学生支援課に申し出てください。また、通学区間のみ変更する場合も同様に申し出てください。大学の確認および訂正印無しに記載事項を変更すると、学生証は無効となります。
  • サークル活動、アルバイト・就職活動など、正課授業以外の目的で通学定期券を購入することはできません。また、通学定期券の通学区間は現住所と大学の最短区間でなければなりません。なお、不正に使用した場合、追徴金の支払いだけでなく、大学が発行停止の処分をうけ、多くの学生の迷惑となりますので適正な購入をしてくだい。
  • 「学生証裏面シール」の「通学定期乗車券発行控」欄が全部埋まった場合・汚損した場合は、学生証を持参のうえ学生支援課に申し出てください。



  • 学割で旅行をするときは必ず学生証を携帯してください。
  • 学割を不正に使用すると、多額の追徴金を課せられるだけでなく、大学が発行停止の処分をうけ、多くの学生の迷惑となりますので適正な使用を行ってください。
  • 年間10 枚を超える発行を希望する場合は学生支援課に問い合わせてください。