Report of Absence 欠席届

Report of Absence

When Absence is Unavoidable

Please directly contact your course instructor if you need to be absent from class for a valid reason. Contacts of course instructors are provided in the Syllabus & Instructors’ Profiles section on the ToyoNet-G. The University does not under any circumstances relay messages of absence to instructors, whether receiving at any office or by phone.

When Taking a Long-term Leave of Absence

Should you need to be absent from classes for more than three months due to a valid reason such as illness, you may officially obtain permission from the University to take a leave of absence. Please submit a Request Form for Leave of Absence along with a medical certificate and any other relevant documentation to the Education Affairs office in charge at your faculty.
For more details, please refer to your faculty
’s Academic Catalog handed to you when you entered.



やむを得ない事由により、授業を欠席する場合は、担当教員へ直接連絡してください。教員の連絡先は、ToyoNet-G の「シラバス・教員プロフィール」で確認できます。窓口・電話等での取り継ぎは一切行いません。