生命科学研究科生命科学専攻 生命科学研究科生命科学専攻

The world is in great danger today. People of the 21st century are responsible for building a sustainable society with low environmental impact. Life sciences play a central role in responding to the needs and solving problems, such
as improving and preserving the global environment, securing food, and addressing issues of healthcare and
graying society.
The Graduate School explores cutting-edge themes across two interrelated disciplines: life science and applied bioscience.
We are conducting leading research with a primary focus on plants and organisms in the fields of agricultural products and extremophilic microorganisms.

In AY 2003, the Bioscience-Nanotechnology Integrated Research Project conducted jointly by the Faculty of Engineering and the Graduate School of Engineering was selected for the 21st Century Center of Excellence (COE)
Social expectations for us are also becoming high. For example, a research by the Plant Regulation Research Center was selected for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Project for the Promotion of Industry–Academia Cooperation at Private Universities (AY 2003–2007), while a study by the Research Center for Life and Environmental Sciences was also selected for the MEXT Project to Support the Establishment of Strategic Research Bases at Private Universities (AY 2014–2018).




  • 入学定員:前期課程20名/後期課程4名
  • 開講時間:昼間開講
  • キャンパス:板倉
  • 社会人入試:前期課程・後期課程
  • 外国人留学生入試:前期課程・後期課程
  • 学位:前期課程 修士(生命科学)/後期課程 博士(生命科学)
  • 教育訓練給付制度指定講座:前期課程