Course of Global Innovation Studies 国際学研究科 グローバル・イノベーション学専攻

Global Innovation Studies Course

This course is established in April 2020.

Chair of the Global Innovation Studies Course

Masato Mori

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Message from the Course Chair

We will foster graduate students with global perspectives who can innovate social systems.

With the use of the Internet as instantaneous mass media spreading to the general public and English has become a de facto standard language on the Internet even in non-English speaking countries, this century has become an era where conveying information proactively in English can bring a great impact on our society in a short time. It is therefore becoming possible to initiate innovations from Japan ahead of other countries to overcome common challenges being faced by human societies across the globe.

We view innovation as combining existing knowledges in new perspectives and approaches. Our common value throughout the course is entrepreneurial mindset with the aspiration to contribute to the global economy and society through innovation. With this idea in mind, we aim to foster graduate students who can create innovation from a global standpoint in fields of business and social contribution, through 1) courses that cross traditional academic verticals and the border between arts and sciences, 2) projects that traverse multiple areas of expertise, and 3) internship activities. Our course is systematically established based on three domains: Global Entrepreneurship, Global Business, and Global Collaboration. In each domain, classes will be taught in English by faculty members with experience and insights in the respective domains.

We greatly welcome individuals with full of entrepreneurial mindset and aspiration to contribute to the global society through innovation.

Course Overview

The Course of Global Innovation Studies is established in the Graduate School of Global and Regional Studies with the aim of contributing to global society through innovation by cultivating the next generation of leaders, filled with an entrepreneurial mindset, who have the practical knowledge necessary for solving global issues, specialized skill sets with practical English communication ability, as well as excellent leadership.

NameGraduate School of Global and Regional Studies,  Course of Global Innovation Studies (Master’s program)
Admission capacity: 10 students
Degree: Master of Global Innovation Studies
Campus: Hakusan
Date of Establishment: April 1, 2020




毛利 正人







本専攻では既存のナレッジを新たな視点や方法で新結合することをイノベーションと捉え、そのイノベーションを通じてグローバルな視点で経済社会に貢献しようとする起業家精神を共通の理念としています。したがって、従来の学問分野の縦割りの枠や文理の垣根を越えた授業科目、専門分野の枠を超えたプロジェクト科目、インターンシップ等への参加を通じ、ビジネスまたは社会貢献の領域で、グローバル(global)な視野で変革(innovation)を起こせる人材養成を図るべく「Global Entrepreneurship」、「Global Business」、「Global Collaboration」という3つの領域(Domain)を設けて体系的に科目を配置しています。いずれの領域においてもその領域に経験と知見を有する教員が英語による教育を行います。




名称:国際学研究科 グローバル・イノベーション学専攻(修士課程)