Department of Media and Communications, Faculty of Sociology 社会学部メディアコミュニケーション学科


2020-03-27 FRI
新聞活用プロジェクト 2019年度報告書を公開しました
2020-01-21 TUE
Professor Bin Umino (Department of Media and Communications) Contributes a Review to the Yomiuri Shimbun Newspaper 海野教授の記事が「読売新聞」に掲載されました
2019-12-17 TUE
2019-12-13 FRI
「新聞活用プロジェクト」では、朝日新聞社の岩田正洋西部本社西部報道センター社会グループ次長による「判断力を身につけよう フツーの記者とデスクの経験から」と題する講義を実施しました
2019-12-13 FRI
2019-11-26 TUE
2019-11-18 MON
2019-11-18 MON
2019-10-29 TUE
2019-10-28 MON
「新聞活用プロジェクト」講師派遣による授業で、朝日新聞社 軸屋忍氏が 「テレビと新聞 これからどうなる」について講義を行いました

Educational Goals

The Department of Media and Communications aims to train talented individuals who can excel in any field, including the IT and media industries. The department accomplishes this by conducting research and providing education about information and the various forms of media used in our advanced information society.


In the Department of Media and Communications, students systematically acquire knowledge and technical skills related to media communications by starting at the beginner level and sequentially moving to the advanced level.

We aim for students to begin by learning the academic theory and technical knowledge related to information and media. Then, for students to effectively utilize this theory and knowledge in the real world, they must master several types of media communication and learn the skills to create, transmit, store, and search for information. Furthermore, during their undergraduate career, they will acquire the abilities to accurately receive, judge, and evaluate information content. Through their freshmen and sophomore years, students attend classes on the basics of media communications and also attend a seminar. In the advanced level specialized courses, students learn the functions and effects of mass communication, and they acquire the knowledge and skills required to handle information through practical subjects such as Computer and Programming Practice and Database and Practice.


The curriculum covers three areas of study: informatics, social informatics, and media studies. Students can determine their area of study according to their own interests.

The department has prepared practical subjects for students with different interests. Students who aspire to work in the IT industry or as media creators can take courses such as The Information System Design and Practice and The Information Network and Practice, while those who aspire to work in the media industry can take courses such as The Writing Skills for Mass Communication and Production of Media and Practice. By taking these courses, students learn technical and sophisticated skills that they can apply in their professional career.






まず情報とメディアに関する専門的な知識と学術的な理論を学んだ上で、それを実社会において効果的に活用するために、多様なコミュニケーションメディアを使いこなして情報を制作、伝達、蓄積、探索する技術と、情報内容を的確に受容、批判、評価する能力を、4年間で身につけることを目指します。 1・2年次を通してメディアコミュニケーション学の基礎および演習を履修し、その上でメディアコミュニケーション学の理論などの幅広い知識の吸収をはかります。専門課程では、マス・コミュニケーションの機能や効果を学び、「コンピュータとプログラミング実習」「データベース論および実習」などの実習を通して情報を扱うための知識と技術を修得します。