Department of Applied Biosciences, Faculty of Life Sciences 生命科学部応用生物科学科

Educational Goals

1. Purpose of human resources development

We aim to train global leaders who utilize biological functions of excellence based on the idea of the eco-friendly “Monodzukuri” and realize it in accordance with the educational philosophy of the Faculty of Life Sciences. We also encourage students to develop the competitive edge and venture spirit needed to reinvigorate local communities and industries, focusing on local Monodzukuri.

2. Skills to be acquired by students

Students in our department are expected to acquire: 

1) General education and social manners as members of society.

2) General insight into and basic knowledge of life.

3) An enhanced ability to gather information and flexibility from a variety of rich sources of ideas, which is required in modern society, as well as technical expertise and skills in technological development.

4) The ability to contribute to industrial development with a venture spirit.

5) Communication skills, an international perspective, and independent thinking based on ethics and creativity.

3. Other purposes of education and research 

We encourage students to be full of curiosity and to have a fighting spirit, and to act positively to solve problems based on objective vision and judgement. We also try to foster students’ compassion for living things, including human beings. 




 応用生物科学科は,学部の教育理念である「生命の総合的理解の上に立って,地球社会の発展に貢献する創造的思考能力,かつ高い倫理観を合わせもった人材を育成する」に沿って,生物が持っている優れた機能を活用して,環境に優しい“ものづくり” の考え方と,その実現を目指す国際的な人材の育成を目的としています。また地域社会のものづくりにも目を向け,地域社会の活性化,地域の産業にも貢献するベンチャー的行動力を持った人材教育を目指しています。