Department of Global Innovation Studies, Faculty of Global and Regional Studies 国際学部グローバル・イノベーション学科

The Purpose of Human Resource Development

In Department of Global Innovation Studies, we aim to educate students to become human resources full of creativity and entrepreneurship who are able to generate innovations bravely in the international society where the problems are piling up.

Educational Objectives

Our educational objectives are to help students acquire:

  1. the ability to analyze the global issues by using knowledge related to those issues and views based on economics,
  2. the language ability and the communication skill which are able to handle with multicultural environment in order to actively play a role in the globalized society,
  3. the leadership and the imagination ability which promote a new value in the society and firms.

In order to achieve the goals above, we provide two modules: “International Business” and “International Collaboration” for students to acquire the abilities we aim for, as well as incorporating project courses and study abroad in the curriculum.





  1. グローバル社会における諸課題に対する知識と、経済学を基本とした視点でそれらの課題を分析する能力、
  2. 国際社会を舞台に活躍するための異文化環境における実践的な語学力、コミュニケーション能力、
  3. 企業や社会における新たな価値の創造を促すイノベーションを構想・推進していくための構想力・リーダーシップ能力、