School Song 東洋大学 校歌

A "School Song Competition" was held at Toyo University to decide the school song In June of 1924, a competition was held by the Arts and Culture Department from the alumni reunion (mainly comprised of students) with a "first place prize of 100 yen." On December 1st, the school song by Tekejiro Hayashi (Kokei Hayashi) was selected by a committee of five. Mr. Hayashi graduated from Faculty of education in 1899 and became a poet, Chinese poet, and Japanese-Chinese literature researcher. He is well known as the lyricist for the song "Hamabe no Uta," which is still sung today. Yasumasa Mori (graduate of the Education Department of the Specialty School of Logic in 1925), member of the students association (association name was changed from the alumni association to the students association in June 1925) commissioned Kosaku Yamada to compose the music score. The original score is housed in the Archives of Modern Japanese Music.


東洋大学 校歌



東洋大学の校歌は、「校歌懸賞募集」によって選ばれた大学歌です。大正13年6月、同窓会(在学生主体の組織)の学芸部が「一等金百円」として募集を行いました。そして12月1日、5名の選者の審査により校歌が決定、当選者は林竹次郎(林 古渓)。林は、明治32年教育学部を卒業後、歌人、漢詩人、国漢文学者として活躍し、今も歌い継がれる「浜辺の歌」の作詞者としても有名です。作曲は、山田耕筰に依頼しました。山田耕筰への依頼は、当時学友会(大正14年6月、同窓会から学友会へ改称)にいた、森康正(大正14年専門部論理学教育学科卒業)を通じて行われ、その自筆楽譜は、現在、日本近代音楽館に所蔵されています。