Japanese Cultural Events and
Interactions with Japanese Students

International students at Toyo University have unlimited opportunities to experience Japanese culture firsthand.

English Community Zone (ECZ)

ECZ is a lounge type space on campus where Toyo students and international students get together to relax, play games, listen to music, and hang out- in English. In addition, ECZ hosts evening events every month, such as a Halloween party, pajama party, and Christmas party. ECZ is the perfect place to unwind and make new friends.

English Community Zone (ECZ)

Language Exchange Partner (LEP) Program

All interested international exchange students are connected with LEPs, Toyo student volunteers who help the students practice their Japanese and better understand Japanese culture.

Weekend Homestay

Students can experience authentic Japanese life by spending the weekend doing a homestay with a Japanese family in the countryside. Enjoying home-cooked meals, playing with homestay family children, hiking in the countryside, and soaking in hot springs are just a few of the activities that make the Itakura Homestay one of the international student's favorite experiences during their time in Japan.


Toyo University strongly believes that student activities contribute to the enrichment of campus life. With 41 athletic clubs and 300 other student clubs, everyone can f ind a group of students that share their interests.

International Student Meeting (ISM)

ISM is an online event where students of partner universities and Toyo sutdents get together and discuss various topics using Japanese or English. Participants will be divided into small groups and exchange thoughts and ideas.

International Student Meeting (ISM)

Japanese Cultural Events

From attending traditional tea ceremony wearing authentic Japanese kimono to faring a full-sized sumo wrestler-Toyo University offers varieties of opportunities to experience Japanese culture.

Kimono Wearing
Japanese Calligraphy Experience