2. The Third Ceremony Awarding TGL Silvers//第3回 Toyo Global Leaderプログラム TGLシルバー認定式を挙行

The Third Ceremony Awarding TGL Silvers//第3回 Toyo Global Leaderプログラム TGLシルバー認定式を挙行

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The Third Toyo Global Leader Program TGL Silver Certification Ceremony

On January 27, 2018, a reception was held for the Third Toyo Global Leader Program TGL Silver Certification Ceremony at the 125th Commemorative Hall on the Hakusan Campus.


学長Prior to the ceremony, President Makio Takemura spoke about the need for basic and specialized academic skills, basic skills needed to be a full‐fledged member of society (abilities to identify challenges and solve problems, leadership skills and cooperativeness), linguistic abilities and communication skills. Furthermore, his topics included accepting and flexibly responding to differences in various cultures, cross-cultural understanding and the practical application of creating new values and cultures by integrating the strengths of each culture, deeply understanding your own country’s traditional culture and understanding and being able to convey your own culture so as to effectively explain its significance to people who have lived in other cultures. He also congratulated the students receiving their certifications and stated his hopes and expectations for them.

認定バッジAt the certification ceremony, 25 students were certified as TGL Silver, and were awarded certificates and accreditation badges. Tiffany Nozomi Mitchell (Second year student in the Faculty of Regional Development Studies, Department of Regional Development Studies) greeted the crowd as a certificate representative. Ms. Mitchell traveled abroad to the Philippines for a language study with her department during the summer vacation period after her first year. During the following spring holiday period, she visited her relatives in New Zealand to engage in volunteer work. In school, she also actively participated in IELTS preparation lectures and symposiums with overseas partner universities, worked hard to increase cross-cultural exchanges and improve her linguistic abilities and accomplished all of the TGL Silver certification requirements in December 2017.

During her speech, Ms. Mitchell, who moved to Japan when she was two years old and was raised speaking Japanese, spoke about her stress towards the English language. People would often see her non-Japanese name and appearance and speak to her in English. However, after being admitted to Toyo University, she began to understand the value of learning English and learning things in English, and aimed to become a long-term language exchange student while in school.

Actively enrolling in the LEAP program from her first year at university, she used her free time to seek interactions with other foreign exchange students at the English Community Zone, in addition to her Philippines study. Also, she diligently attended IELTS preparation lectures starting from the fall term until the summer of her second year, and through multiple language examinations, increased her language score by 325 points when converted to TOIEC over the course of a year. Last December, she was finally accepted as a one-year exchange student by ISEP.

As for her future goals, she stated, “when I study abroad, I not only want to learn English for employment or tests, but I want to perfect my English to communicate with the people around me who are helping me to grow.” She expressed her clear hopes and challenges for her upcoming language exchange experience. She also expressed her aspiration to achieve the TGL Gold certificate when graduating from school when she returns to Japan.

 ミッチェル 会場


◆List of TGL Silver certified students

  List of TGL Silver certified students [PDF File/81KB]


Also acknowledged were 166 TGL Bronze students aiming to achieve the TGL Silver certificate at the next certification ceremony. Manami Sato (First year student in the Second Division of Faculty of Regional Development Studies, Department of Regional Development Studies) was awarded the certificate as a representative.

Toyo Global Leader(TGL)Program

In 2014, Toyo University’s TGL Program was selected for the “Top Global University Project, Type B (Global traction type)” which is promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), and supports the globalization of universities. The TGL Program is at work to globalize and reform the school in order to promote a globalization structure through the university’s plan, entitled, “TOYO GLOBAL DIAMONDS: Becoming an Asian hub university for global leaders.”

As one of the specific efforts of the plan, Toyo University established the Toyo Global Leader Program. Its purpose is to prepare students to competently play active roles on the international stage by reinforcing three elements: English language skills for effective communication in an intercultural environment, the ability to create cultural value and the ability to solve problems in an intercultural environment. In line with the program’s objective, specific requirements for certification are defined for each rank: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Students who meet the requirements of any one of the ranks are certified Toyo Global Leaders.

第3回 Toyo Global Leaderプログラム TGLシルバー認定式

2018(平成30)年1月27日、白山キャンパス125記念ホールにて、「第3回 Toyo Global Leaderプログラム TGLシルバー認定式」を挙行しました。



認定バッジ認定式では25名の学生をTGLシルバーに認定し、認定証および認定バッジを授与。認定者を代表して、ミッチェル ティファニー 希さん(国際地域学部国際地域学科2年)が挨拶をしました。ミッチェルさんは、1年次の夏季休暇期間を活用してフィリピンへ語学留学し、その年の春季休暇期間には単身で親族のいるニュージーランドを訪れボランティアに従事しました。また、学内でもIELTS対策講座や海外協定校とのシンポジウムなどに積極的に参加し、異文化交流や語学力の向上に努め、2017年12月にTGLシルバーの認定要件を全て達成しました。


大学1年生からLEAPを積極的に履修し、授業の空き時間にはEnglish Community Zoneで積極的に外国人留学生と交流しました。その年の夏季休暇には、学部の海外研修でフィリピンを訪れました。さらに、1年生の秋学期から2年生の夏まで学内のIELTS対策講座を継続的に受講し、複数回の語学試験受験を通じ、1年間でTOIECに換算し325点もの語学スコアを伸ばしました。そして昨年12月、ついにISEPによる1年間の交換留学に内定しました。


 ミッチェル 会場




「Toyo Global Leader(TGL)プログラム」

2014(平成26)年、本学は文部科学省が大学の国際化を重点支援する「スーパーグローバル大学創成支援タイプB(グローバル化牽引型)」に採択され、「TOYO GLOBAL DIAMONDS グローバルリーダーの集うアジアのハブ大学を目指して」という構想のもと、大学の国際力向上のために国際化と大学改革に努めています。

その具体的な取り組みの一つとして、「Toyo Global Leaderプログラム」では東洋大学生が国内外で活躍できるグローバル人財となるために、「異文化環境における英語運用表現能力」、「文化的な価値創造能力」、「異文化環境における課題解決能力」の3要素を強化することを目的とし、「Gold」「Silver」「Bronze」のランクごとに認定要件を定め、各要件を満たした学生をToyo Global Leader として認定するプログラムです。

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