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Tourism program in Bournemouth, England

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This spring vacation a group of 22 students from the Faculty of Regional Studies visited Bournemouth University to study about tourism and learn English.

Bournemouth is a town on the south coast of England about 2 hours by car from London. It’s famous as a seaside vacation spot for British tourists as well as study abroad students from around the world.


This group was the fourth group to undertake the three-week study program that left on the 23rd February 2013 and came back on the 17th March 2013.

The purpose of the study tour was to learn the theory about English tourism and match this with a number of interesting site visits to famous sightseeing spots and World Heritage sites. Further, students would use this knowledge to make group a presentation in English about what they had learned during their three weeks.

Students studied important tourism words and did listening and reading practice in the morning with Professor Barnes, or as everyone called him, Paul. Everybody loved the fact that Paul always had a joke on hand to make a comfortable class atmosphere.

In the afternoon, students put their tourism words and understanding into action through lectures and workshops mainly given by Professor Robbins, or as he was known, Derek, a prominent teacher and researcher of tourism. The students felt very lucky to have such a knowledgeable teacher, and he accompanied them on most of the trips they took and explained things he had covered in the lectures.


Some of organized excursions included trips to Oxford, London, and the World Heritage sites of Stonehenge and the Jurassic Coast, an incredibly beautiful coastline just down the road from Bournemouth.
Some of the highlights for the students included visiting the actual room where the students had their meals in the Harry Potter movies in Oxford, and taking a look at real mummies and the Rosetta Stone from ancient Egypt at the British museum in London.

Along with the study came the social sides of the program. One of these sides was a homestay.
Students were assigned to a local family in the Bournemouth area.
Through the homestay they were able to see how a typical English family lives, and they got to feel like a family member for the three weeks.Even in this short time, a deep bond developed between students and homestay families, and when it was time to come home, there were a lot of tears from everyone.

Another social side was the friends students made with other foreign students and home students they had met through parties and classes.
Students will keep in touch through Facebook even when they come back to Japan.

In all the students had a great time in England in which they increased their confidence in using English, deepened their understanding of tourism and made a number of great friends.


Graham Robson (Associate Professor, Department of Tourism)

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