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Tourism program in Bournemouth, England (2015)

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This year in 2015 was the 4th time the Bournemouth study program has taken place. The 21 students (both Regional and Tourism) went to Bournemouth in the south of England from the 21st of February 2015 to the 15th March 2015.
All students stayed with local families around the area of Bournemouth University. This was a chance to really get to know English culture firsthand. Some students spoke about their homestay families’ cooking, especially the Sunday traditional roast dinner. Students realized the myth about bad English food was not true!

At Bournemouth University students took English classes in the morning with Paul who everyone thought was kind and funny. Students said Paul tells jokes all the time and he made a fun atmosphere for students to talk English in.

In the afternoon the students took tourism lectures. This year was different because the number of teachers and types of lectures increased from previous years. Three new subjects for this year were food tourism, event tourism and film tourism, all of which are important for Japan, too. All of the teachers were unique and taught in different ways.


To support what students learned in class, they went on a number of field trips, which included London, Oxford, and as you see in the picture, Stonehenge. This is one of England’s most important places of cultural heritage. It was a little windy, but students learned about the mysteries that surround this site.
Students also did a walking tour of Bournemouth and learned about how the city tries to attract tourists all year around with Derek, the main tourism teacher. Everyone loved Derek and thought he was “cute.”

Lastly, students took the opportunity to do different things in their free time. Some spent time with their homestay families, some went shopping and all of the students went one evening to Laser Quest. It is a large indoor site where you try to shoot each other with lasers. Of course, it does not hurt, and was so much fun. You can see some students in the picture with their laser packs just before the shooting started. 

Laser Quest

Three weeks went very quickly for the students, but they could understand about British culture and tourism as well as increase their speaking confidence.

Graham Robson (Associate Professor, Department of Tourism)